Security Systems

Motion Detectors For Your Home Security

Home security and safety is a key element of homeownership on Long Island. Installing a home security system from Computer Controlled security is the best way to save you and your family from potential harm. Though most motion detector devices are relatively easy to set up, professional installation is definitely the way to go. Our […]

Simple Steps For Better Home Security

Home security is only as strong as its weakest link. Sometimes people get overly complicated equipment so family members don’t bother using it. It is important to be realistic about what type of home security arrangements you make and if your family will utilize it. Computer Controlled Security is a Long Island based security alarm […]

Home Security Alarm: For Safety And Resale

Along with size and location, having a home security alarm is now a deciding factor for buyers. The demand for security alarm systems is increasing and more options are becoming available for residential use. Due to this trend, having an alarm is just as important for resale as it is for safety.   If you […]

Wireless Alarm Systems On Long Island

Wireless alarm systems are becoming more and more popular on Long Island- and with good reason! Hard wired alarms can be costly and requires damaging your home to install it. Since it is permanent, it requires more cash to remove the system. Wireless alarm systems installed by Computer Controlled Security is a simple and cost-effective […]

Benefits Of Installing Wireless Home Security Systems

These days, it’s almost mandatory to install wireless home security systems in order to feel safe. When you come to the decision to install a wireless home security system in your New York home, you may not be sure where to begin your search. There are so many products on the market and some people […]

Home Security Tips When Selling Your Long Island Home

When you put your Long Island home up for sale, the last thing you want to worry about is being robbed when showing your home. Home security often gets put on the back burner during this hectic time of trying to show and sell your home and preparing to move. Protecting your home and valuables […]