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Simple Steps For Better Home Security


Home security is only as strong as its weakest link. Sometimes people get overly complicated equipment so family members don’t bother using it. It is important to be realistic about what type of home security arrangements you make and if your family will utilize it. Computer Controlled Security is a Long Island based security alarm company that is dedicated to bringing you the best home security systems for your everyday life.


home security alarmHere are some helpful tips on home security:


–   Make your home look occupied while you are out. Most burglars will jump on the opportunity if your home looks vacant.


–   Create perimeter defenses that make it difficult for people to get close to your home. High walls and fences are a good deterrent to being burglarized.


–   Make sure your entrances are well lit. Thieves want to work where no one can see them so if there is a light over your doors, chances are they wouldn’t want to be seen breaking a lock.


–   Install deadbolts and peepholes on doors. Deadbolt locks will lock the door from the door frame and are harder to break. Peepholes are an inexpensive, easy to install device that allows you to check the visitor before you open the door.