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Don’t Panic, You’re Protected


It is normal to get scared when an unexpected emergency arises at your home or business. Situations such as a break in, a fire, or medical emergency can be cause for alarm. The most important thing in such a case, is that you should remain calm. Remember that your security system can be equipped with a panic alarm.

What is a Panic Alarm?

A panic alarm is a feature on your security alarm from Computer Controlled Security. Depending on your system, it can be wired or wireless. Usually the panic alarm is triggered by a button that, when pressed, sends a signal to CCS, or the police. Help will be summoned for you when the alarm is activated. The alarm is available in a variety of forms. If your panic alarm is wireless, it uses a radio transmitter. A benefit of a wireless panic alarm is that they are usually small and can be hidden. Another option is that the panic alarm could be set off by a sensor. This feature will engage if someone enters a protected area.

Where Should it be Located?

One of the best features of a panic alarm is that they can be set up practically anywhere. The choice is yours, but consider where is most appropriate. Some common places for a panic alarm include:

  • Anywhere valuables are stored
  • Near a cash register
  • Underneath your desk
  • On your nightstand

These locations are ideal for a panic button because they are easily accessible in an emergency.

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Pressing the Panic Button: When is it Necessary?

It is very important that you know when it is the right time to press the panic button. Make sure you are in a legitimate emergency. Law enforcement or paramedics should only be contacted when you are in a situation that requires immediate assistance. Some of those scenarios could be:

    When you are in danger of being harmed
  • Medical emergency
  • Someone you are with is about to harm themselves
  • An intruder is breaking into your home or office.

Again, be absolutely certain that the button needs to be pressed. You do not want to waste the time of the police, not to mention their money or resources. Also be mindful of not setting of your alarm by accident.

Communicate with your family or coworkers when you have installed a panic alarm. Teach everyone how and when to use it. Rest assured that your panic alarm will work efficiently, and help will be provided in a timely manner. Know that Computer Controlled Security cares about your safety, and that you can call us to discuss adding a panic alarm feature to your security alarm system.