Commercial Security - Is Your Long Island Business Safe?

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Commercial Security – Is Your Long Island Business Safe?


Commercial security alarms are the most efficient way to protect your Long Island business and staff from dangers of the workplace as well as theft. The industry for security systems and CCTV systems has been growing rapidly. Part of the reason for this is that new technology has redefined the meaning of commercial security. Monitored alarm systems, as well as remote control of your system, is an extremely important factor when it comes to your Long Island businesses security.


Video technology has improved so much over the years that burglars are being identified and detained in mere minutes. Stories like this one are emerging all around the country. With a good CCTV system and commercial security alarm monitored by Computer Controlled Security, you can be sure that your business is safe while you are away.


Regardless of where your business is or who you are, no one is exempt from being burglarized. There are many debates about personal privacy versus security. However when it comes to safety, one must remember that once you are in a public area it is more than reasonable to be on camera. There is no expectation of privacy while a customer is walking up and down the aisles of your business or when people are loitering out front. The International Association of Professional Security Consultants released issued an update on the Detention of Shoplifting Suspects by Loss Prevention and Security Personnel. This document also includes an addendum about maintaining continuous camera observation, which is an exception to the continuous surveillance step in regards to fitting room apprehensions.