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Fool Burglars With Clever Security Tricks


Thief trying to break in house

Installing a security system is by far your best deterrent against being burglarized. However there are some clever little tricks you can employ in order to further deter a robbery in your home. At Computer Controlled Security we are dedicated to keeping your, your loved ones, and your home safe. Read below for a few easy and cheap home security tricks on how you can take an active role in keeping your Long Island home burglar free!


Fake it!

Pretend you’re home watching “Dancing With The Stars” and deter burglars with a fake television. It projects the same sort of light that a real TV makes and can mimic color shifts and screen motion. This clever little device gives an impression of the house being occupied. It consumes only a small amount of power (about the amount of a night-light) and has a timer setting so you can leave it behind to do it’s thing while you’re on vacation.


Churn up the snow!

Clean and unbroken snow is a definite sign that no one is home. If you are on a Caribbean getaway from the Long Island winter, get the neighbor’s kids to stomp around on your yard. The foot prints and snow angels will give the illusion that people are around, but haven’t gotten the chance to shovel.


Why? Well, if you’re in the habit of sleeping alone the cars panic button can be just what you need in case of a disturbance. If you hear something suspicious push the “panic” button so the alarm goes off and scares away intruders.


Slippery when wet!

This is a British trick that has yet to catch on in the U.S. It’s called anti-climb paint and it never dries! Brush it on gutters, downspouts or anything you wouldn’t want someone climbing up.