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CCTV Surveillance: FBI Tips



CCTV Surveillance Systems Installations

As a business owner on Long Island, you already know the benefits of a CCTV surveillance system or Closed Circuit Television. However simply having it installed doesn’t necessarily mean you are getting all that you can out of your CCTV surveillance system. Things such as settings, direction of the camera, and placement of things in your business after installation are all things that should be considered.


In this video, the FBI shows some of the pitfalls of CCTV surveillance systems that they run into. Your surveillance cameras not only will help your business in dealing with theft and burglary. But it can also help in your community by giving extra evidence to the authorities. Here is Part 1 of the FBI’s Best Practices for Installation of CCTV Systems:




There are many types of surveillance camera systems on the market today. They are becoming more and more popular as well as more inexpensive. There are many styles to match your particular business. Some are discreet so employees and customers don’t know they are there. Some are more obvious in hopes of deterring a problem before it occurs. At Computer Controlled Security of Huntington Long Island, we recommend a professional installing your CCTV system in order to avoid some of the issues found in this video made by the FBI.