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Wireless Security Camera Systems


wireless security camera systemsWireless security camera systems are generally a part of any quality home security system installation on Long Island. The wireless security systems add a more substantial protection than motion detectors alone. A few well placed cameras can greatly affect the effectiveness of you security system.


How they work:

The wireless security cameras transmit a video signal to a receiver connected to a TV, computer, or other equipment. The video that is recorded can be watched live or at your convenience. Entry points to your home are the standard placement. However, sensitive areas such as pools and garages are also common areas for video surveillance.


Other uses:

Not only are wireless video systems good for security, but are also helpful in monitoring children or elderly family members. Nanny cams are greatly useful in making sure your family is being cared for by outsiders. Wireless security cameras also help when leaving your family at home while you are out.


At Computer Controlled Security, inc. we strive to offer our customers the latest in technology without sacrificing the personal touch (hence our motto: Yesterday’s Workmanship, Today’s Technology). Our goal is to maintain high standards when it comes to installation quality and precision. We are a complete security company offering our customers a full line of custom security system installations and service. To that end, we offer free installation packages that will get you started with basic protection while still receiving a custom installed system. For customers looking for more advanced security options, we offer gold packages for both Residential and Commercial Security.


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