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Wireless Alarm Systems On Long Island


wireless alarm systemsWireless alarm systems are becoming more and more popular on Long Island- and with good reason! Hard wired alarms can be costly and requires damaging your home to install it. Since it is permanent, it requires more cash to remove the system. Wireless alarm systems installed by Computer Controlled Security is a simple and cost-effective solution to home and business security on Long Island.


There is no drilling necessary and there is no need to rely on landlines. Should you ever move, you will be able to take the wireless system with you. When you choose a wireless alarm system from Computer Controlled Security you will be sure to get the equipment and service you can trust. We offer 24/hour monitoring for $19.95 a month.


At Computer Controlled Security of Long Island, our goal is to maintain high standards when it comes to alarm system installation quality and precision. We are a complete security systems company that offers a full line of custom security system installations and service. We offer free installation packages that will get you started with basic protection while still receiving a custom installed alarm system. For customers looking for more advanced security options, we offer gold packages for both Residential and Commercial Security. Computer Controlled Security also specializes in Video Surveillance and Nanny Camera Systems. Whatever your needs may be, we are here to serve you.