Security Systems

Alarm Systems: How Burglars Break In

There are many ways that burglars can break in and many reasons why they target your home to begin with. Home alarm systems are the best way to deter an intruder, but there are other ways too. In addition to acting as a deterrent, the alarm system will notify the security system company of the […]

Why do you need a Home Security System?

  There are many benefits to installing a home security system with Computer Controlled Security. When you utilize our expert technicians, we will be able to help you get the home security alarm that is suited for you and your family’s needs.     Why do you need a Home Security System? – You need […]

Home Alarm Systems For Families

As parents, the security and safety of your home and family is the ultimate priority and responsibility. Choosing Computer Controlled Security to install home alarm systems for your Long Island home is the best way to take safety and convenience to another level. Our alarm systems company offers 24 hour monitoring services so that your […]

Home Security Systems New York

Home Security Systems New York   All our wire runs are concealed in the walls and ran throughout your home undetected with our Hardwired systems, which should be one of your main concerns when choosing your security company. Since there are many different house designs and layouts, your system will be custom installed. We also […]

Why Choose A Monitored Home Alarm System

Investing in a monitored home alarm system for your Long Island home is a good option for theft deterrence as well as peace of mind. It is important to have a home security system that is tailored to your needs and your budget. Alarm systems can be wired or wireless and it is important that […]

False Alarms In Alarm Systems

After a really long day or carrying bags in the door, you may forget or mistake your security code. Everyone makes a mistake at some point with their security system but what matters is how you respond. If your alarm system should have a false alarm the most important thing is to stay calm. The […]