Home Alarm Systems For Families

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Home Alarm Systems For Families


home security systemsAs parents, the security and safety of your home and family is the ultimate priority and responsibility. Choosing Computer Controlled Security to install home alarm systems for your Long Island home is the best way to take safety and convenience to another level. Our alarm systems company offers 24 hour monitoring services so that your home is cared for whether you are there or not. We offer cellular connections to your mobile phone line to ensure we are there wherever you are. Utilizing online and mobile apps you are able to stay informed all the time. We offer access and control from your wireless device.


We also provide surveillance camera installations and Nanny cam installations. Our video monitoring alarm systems creates video that can be reviewed at a later date. This is helpful when making sure your loved ones are being cared for properly. Also, in the event of damage to your home or a robbery, you will have video footage and evidence necessary for the police and insurance company.


It is a no-brainer that burglars are less likely to burglarize a home that has an alarm system in place. Call Computer Controlled Security today to get a quote and information on the security system that works for you and your Long Island home.

home alarm system for families