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Why do you need a Home Security System?


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There are many benefits to installing a home security system with Computer Controlled Security. When you utilize our expert technicians, we will be able to help you get the home security alarm that is suited for you and your family’s needs.



Why do you need a Home Security System?

– You need a proper security alarm installed so that your home is protected even when you are at work or on vacation


– Having a reliable security alarm from Computer Controlled Security means that the response to an alarm is instant, literally in seconds


– Our home security system also protects you from other dangers like gas leaks, fires, etc. and you can set and reset your security system remotely or from your synchronized cell phone


– Burglars may be clever and avoid opening a window or door so they break the window. However our systems are fitted with vibration sensors which can detect breaking glass


– Having the logo of our security alarm company visible may be enough of a deterrent to avoid break ins


home security system– We offer various security cameras and nanny cams that can be tailored to your needs

– We utilize wireless technology for our security systems. We also have wireless capabilities for our surveillance systems that allows the system to transmit data wirelessly in real time