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Not Home For The Holidays? Make Sure Your House Is Safe!

Long island security system installation

I’m sure we all remember the classic holiday film about the little boy who was left in his house by himself when his parents went away for Christmas. If we learned anything from this movie, it is that home burglary is quite popular this time of year. Unfortunately we may not all be as clever […]

Suffolk County Creates Alarm Management Program

As of June 1, 2016 the Suffolk County Police Department launched the Alarm Management Program, in response to the large amount of false alarms occuring across Long Island. The new program requires both commercial businesses and residential locations to register their alarm systems with the Suffolk County Police Department. According to Christopher Hatton, Suffolk County […]

Commercial Security Precautions – Long Island Robberies

Running a business includes numerous responsibilities. Keeping your business and your employees safe is a huge part of that. Long Island business owners should search for the best commercial security precautions, such as our commercial security systems. Specific security equipment such as CCTV systems not only prevents theft, but keeps employees safe and at ease […]

Commercial Security – Is Your Long Island Business Safe?

Commercial security alarms are the most efficient way to protect your Long Island business and staff from dangers of the workplace as well as theft. The industry for security systems and CCTV systems has been growing rapidly. Part of the reason for this is that new technology has redefined the meaning of commercial security. Monitored […]

Fool Burglars With Clever Security Tricks

Installing a security system is by far your best deterrent against being burglarized. However there are some clever little tricks you can employ in order to further deter a robbery in your home. At Computer Controlled Security we are dedicated to keeping your, your loved ones, and your home safe. Read below for a few […]

Advantages Of A Wireless Security System

More and more people on Long Island are discovering the benefits of a wireless security system in their homes and businesses. Wireless technology has made security systems easier to use while also being more cost effective. Wireless security systems deter break ins and vandalism, but most importantly give you peace of mind.       […]