Home Security Tips When Selling Your Long Island Home

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Home Security Tips When Selling Your Long Island Home


home securityWhen you put your Long Island home up for sale, the last thing you want to worry about is being robbed when showing your home. Home security often gets put on the back burner during this hectic time of trying to show and sell your home and preparing to move. Protecting your home and valuables is something that you need to consider when you list your home for sale. There are some common-sense steps you can take when you put your home on the market.


–   Install a home security system if you don’t already have one. Some professional burglars will “case the joint” while pretending to be interested during an open house. Having a security alarm system visible is a good deterrent. Installing a wireless alarm system will enable you to take the system with you to your new home.


–   Don’t give agents your security code. With most alarm systems, you can give a temporary code to let people in when you’re not around. You can then disable the code when it is not necessary.


–   Be present when the agent shows your home. Only allow the real estate agent to show your house when you or a family member is present. It is better to not have strangers in your home when you are not.


home security system–   Don’t leave your keys or valuables out in the open. This may seem obvious, but it can sometimes be overlooked. You can also ask a relative to hold your keys for you while you are showing your home.


–   Ensure your windows and doors are locked after a showing. Sometimes burglars posing as potential buyers will unlatch a window or unlock a door so they can come back later. Be sure to lock up, checking all windows and doors after a showing.