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Not Home For The Holidays? Make Sure Your House Is Safe!

Long island security system installation

I’m sure we all remember the classic holiday film about the little boy who was left in his house by himself when his parents went away for Christmas. If we learned anything from this movie, it is that home burglary is quite popular this time of year. Unfortunately we may not all be as clever […]

Security Surveillance in HD: Thinking of Making The Switch?

long island security system installation

Nowadays it seems that everything we watch is in High Definition. We want to see the clearest, most precise images possible. Whether we’re watching television or videos on our cellphones, we don’t want to miss a detail. But when it comes to home or company surveillance, does the same hold true? Families and companies are […]

5 Things to Consider When Installing a Nanny Cam

Moms and Dads are turning to the security and peace of mind of Nanny Cams to protect and monitor their little ones in higher and higher numbers. As technology increases, so do the options for surveillance systems in family’s homes. Before choosing your Nanny Cam from CCS, check out some vital points below.   Peace […]

Monitored Security Systems Can Save Lives

When it comes to home security, deterring burglars is just the beginning. Monitored security systems can save your life and protect your home. Security measures, such as cameras and smoke detectors, can deter crime and keep your home safe. Starting with a basic home security package, you can then choose to have your alarm system […]

4 Common CCTV Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

More and more comes are being prevented and prosecuted thanks to CCTV surveillance systems. However, common CCTV mistakes created by poor installation practices can result in low quality footage. When choosing to install a CCTV system in your home or business, it is important to consider these mistakes and how you can avoid them. If […]

CCTV Surveillance: FBI Tips

As a business owner on Long Island, you already know the benefits of a CCTV surveillance system or Closed Circuit Television. However simply having it installed doesn’t necessarily mean you are getting all that you can out of your CCTV surveillance system. Things such as settings, direction of the camera, and placement of things in […]