CCTV Systems

Security Camera Systems For Your Long Island Home

In this day and age, security has jumped to the top of everyone’s mind. As a homeowner or a concerned renter, the safety and security of your home and family is a high priority. Security camera systems with remote access to recording and reviewing play an important role in securing you and your home. When […]

Wireless Security Camera Systems

Wireless security camera systems are generally a part of any quality home security system installation on Long Island. The wireless security systems add a more substantial protection than motion detectors alone. A few well placed cameras can greatly affect the effectiveness of you security system.   How they work: The wireless security cameras transmit a […]

Long Island Security Camera Installation

Security cameras have many benefits when installed in your Long Island home or business. Security camera installation can only be as effective when they are installed correctly. Hiring a professional such as Computer Controlled Security is a great way to ensure your security camera surveillance system is working at its optimal level.   When a […]

Wireless Surveillance Cameras: Features and Benefits

More and more property owners are starting to install surveillance cameras in their homes and businesses. A wireless surveillance camera system works without cables or physical connection, which gives the property owners freedom of movement. When used as a nanny cam, it is ideal for investigation and surveillance observations. If you are not sure why […]

Video Surveillance Systems: Why Everyone On Long Island Should Have Them

In modern times here in New York we are getting used to the idea of video surveillance cameras watching our every move in stores, at work, and while driving. It’s becoming increasingly popular for businesses and homeowners on Long Island to implement video surveillance systems so they can keep an eye on their property and […]

Video Surveillance Systems For Your Long Island Business

For the commercial business owner or facilities manager, visual contact is often the best way to reduce security risk and maintain smooth operations. Critically positioned, open or hidden digital video surveillance systems cameras can prevent loss, allow point-of-sale verification, record the day’s events, or monitor sensitive areas.   CCS Video Expertise Is Unparalleled CCS Business Security professionals […]