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Will my insurance company give me a discount for installing an alarm system?
Yes, at Computer Controlled Security Discounts vary between 10-20% with the maximum being given for systems monitored for fire as well as burglary.

What other devices can be monitored by CCS alarms?
Smoke Detectors / Carbon Monoxide Detectors / Panic Buttons / Low Temperature Sensors / High Temperature Sensors / Medical Alert for the Elderly / Wireless Arm/Disarm Remotes / Flood Detectors / Glass Break Detectors

In an emergency can I summon the police or fire departments?
Yes, most of our keypads have emergency Police and Fire panic buttons.

What happens when the alarm goes off?
A trained dispatcher will call your home/office to verify if you have set the alarm off by mistake asking for your password. If there is no answer or if the correct password is not given, the police are immediately notified and then your call list. Your control panel is a computerized system that sends modem speed communications to the Central office that identifies which door/window/motion detector or smoke has triggered the alarm. The police are given accurate information as to where the intrusion or smoke took place. Computer Controlled Security then contacts you,a designated friend or relative. Your alarm will automatically shut off within 5-15 minutes and rearm itself.

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Home Security

Can the system be set when we are in for the evening?
Yes, arming your system by bypassing interior zones (such as motion detectors). This allows you to walk around your home while still having the perimeter protection on. This is where a complete security system have benefits over the lower cost basic Free Alarms

What if I have pets?
The newest technology to use is called Pet Smart motion sensors, which allows for pet movement while still providing protection if humans enter the home. A pet immune motion sensor is specifically designed so that a pet under a certain weight will not cause a false alarm. This is achieved through state of the art technology which differentiate the characteristics of human and pets.

Commercial Security

Do you offer free estimates?
We always offer free estimates with no strings attached.

Does Computer Controlled Security install security systems in both large and small businesses?
No job is too big or too small for CCS! We install security systems for small retail stores and small offices, such as an accounting office, doctor's office, dentist office, sales office or simply securing a portion of a larger complex. computer Controlled Security also installs security for large industrial and commercial buildings and spaces.

What type of commercial alarm services do you offer?
Computer Controlled Security provides security alarm protection with intrusion detection systems, access control systems (including card, proximity, thumb print and keypad readers), video cameras, remote video monitoring, internet monitoring, cellular backup monitoring, video cash register transaction recording and surveillance, fire alarm installation, testing and inspection services.

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How do I choose the correct camera for my application?
This is generally a difficult decision to make. There are many options for CCTV Surveillance on the market today. When you choose CCS, we will take into consideration which camera and installation type will best suit your needs and requirements. We will give you the details of each package we recommend for you and you can decide which works the best for your space and budget.

What is a dome security camera?
Dome Security Cameras Among the most versatile types of enclosures. Can be used for both indoors or outdoors applications. Easily accessorized with Pan/Tilt/Zoom capabilities, they offer an aesthetic appearance. Lens are usually interchangeable.

What is Digital CCTV?
Digital CCTV, or Digital Closed Circuit Television, is the technology used in modern surveillance systems. Modern Digital CCTV Systems can be operated remotely via a pc or mobile phone, can monitor various locations and can be monitored from wherever there is internet or GPRS Access.

Mobile Access

Can I get mobile access with my alarm system?
Mobile access works only with certain alarm systems, typically the newer ones. If you would like to have this as an option (which we highly recommend), Computer Controlled Security will show you the options available that is mobile-ready.

Can I view my CCTV/Surveillance cameras remotely?
Yes. You will be able to view your live camera feed from anywhere there is WiFi. You will also be able to replay recorded video that is transmitted from your DVR.

What else can I do from a mobile device?
Depending on the unit you choose, you will be able to remotely arm/disarm alarms, control lighting and climate, and more.

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Wireless / Hard-Wired

Are wireless systems prone to false alarms or affected by errant radio transmissions?
No, the technology today is very sophisticated, we use Napco Gemini wireless security systems which are top rated in wireless technology.

Are wireless or hard-wired systems better?
It really depends on what you need for a security system and what type of residence or commercial space you are looking to secure. At Computer Controlled Security we offer wireless, hard-wired, and hybrid systems to best suit every customer.


What if my system isn't working properly?
We will be happy to investigate and troubleshoot any new or existing security alarm systems or CCTV systems. Call us at 1 (800) B4-U-R-ROB or contact us here.

What is "AC Loss"?
This means that your system is operating on battery power. If some lights are out on the property, check the circuit breakers & fuses and reset as necessary. If AC power cannot be restored & a "low battery" message appears, call for service.

What happens in the event of a power failure?
The system has a back-up supply battery, housed in the control panel, for this emergency. It will recharge itself once the power returns.

Am I responsible for testing my system regularly?
Yes. It is your responsibility to make sure that your system is in good working order. It's easy to test your system; just refer to your owner handbook or contact us for assistance. If part of your system is not working correctly call us immediately at 1 (800) B4-U-R-ROB.

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My Account

How do I update my call list?
Call our office and we will update your call list over the phone,by fax or by E-mail.
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Does Computer controlled security charge for false alarms from my home security system?
Computer Controlled Security never charges for a false alarms but local police may.