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Business CCTV Systems


For the commercial business owner or facilities manager on Long Island, video surveillance is often the best¬†way to reduce security risks. Video surveillance cameras that are positioned properly- both in the open or hidden- can prevent loss, allow point-of-sale verification, record the day’s events, monitor sensitive areas, and more.


CCS Video Expertise Is Unparalleled
CCS Business and Commercial Security professionals are experts at determining the best video surveillance system for your business or facility. People who are threats to your business security can come from within your operations or from the outside. They may be well versed on how to detect security cameras and alarm systems. CCS can provide reliable video and recording protection that is undetectable and reliable. We can also upgrade your current system with the most advanced, digital-quality video surveillance equipment to keep you informed of the activity in every area of your responsibility.


CCS Surveillance Options
CCS offers a wide variety of surveillance camera solutions for all types of applications including:

Indoor and Outdoor Day/Night Cameras
Color Dome Camera
Indoor and Outdoor Pan, Tilt, and Zoom Cameras
High Impact Vandal Resistant Camera
Varifocal Cameras
Bullet Cameras
Hidden Covert Cameras
If you are looking for specialty cameras not listed above, CCS can get them for you.


Recording and Viewing

Video Surveillance Cameras

Cameras can be hidden in common objects such as a clock

All CCS video camera systems come with the option to view and record the day’s events. By using Digital Video Recorders (DVR) your system can store from 5 to 60 days of data on a single hard drive, eliminating the need to constantly replace and store old-fashioned VCR tapes.


Have the comfort of viewing your business without having to be there. No more of those long days at the business because you don’t trust what your employees are doing. With off-site remote viewing you can watch your employees from a remote location. All that is required is a high-speed Internet connection at both locations.