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Nanny Cams can be discreetly hidden!

Computer Controlled Security installs and services commercial and residential security systems, burglar alarms, CCTV systemsvideo camera surveillance, and nanny camera systems. We also provide 24hour Central Station Monitoring for your home or business.


Nanny cams are becoming all the rage when it comes to the security of your home and family. Those in favor of nanny cams can’t imagine leaving their kids alone without one. While  any type of video security system will help parents keep an eye on what’s going on, the nanny cam is great because it is discreet and can help with other matters in home security.


Some people alert their nannies that they are being watched, while some do not. If they know they are being watched, they might be more careful with what they are doing. However, some of our clients choose not to tell their nannies. Whatever the case, it is important to install the nanny cam security system before any abuse is suspected.


Nanny Cams are also beginning to be used more in Day Care Centers, so their popularity is not just widening within private homes. In some facilities, parents can watch their child in ’real time’, by accessing the live feed via the internet. This has become a great comfort to many parents.