Nanny Cameras

Wireless Security Camera Systems

Wireless security camera systems are generally a part of any quality home security system installation on Long Island. The wireless security systems add a more substantial protection than motion detectors alone. A few well placed cameras can greatly affect the effectiveness of you security system.   How they work: The wireless security cameras transmit a […]

Home Security System Installation: How To Be In Two Places At Once

You ever leave home but wish you could just stay to keep a watchful eye on your family and home? Today’s security alarm system technology not only makes it possible to be two places at once, but can make it happen at affordable prices. Modern devices are easy to use and can be utilized by […]

Nanny Cams: Installations On Long Island

No matter how many times you have run background checks or done reference checks, leaving your children home with strangers is not something you want to take your chances on. Nanny cams are also a good way to keep tabs on your elderly familymembers and how they are being handled by caretakers. The video recorded […]

Remote Access Nanny Cam

If you are thinking about installing a remote access nanny cam system in your Long Island home, contact Computer Controlled Security for your installation needs! Knowing what is going on around the house can be very important not only to protect your young children, but also to protect and elderly family member left at home […]

Nanny Cams For Surveillance

Computer Controlled Security installs and services Nanny Cam surveillance cameras for your Nassau County home!. View your children from your Laptop, iPhone, Android, Blackberry or any smartphone.   People all over Long Island have found that nanny cams have been more beneficial than just keeping a watchful eye on caregivers. Video surveillance has become a […]

It’s 11am Do You Know Where Kids Are?

We install Nanny Cams in Suffolk County Long Island: A Nanny Cam, or Nanny Camera, is a hidden video camera that has been secretly installed within a common household object. A nanny cam is usually used to secretly monitor and record the activities of home caregivers and babysitters, hence the name “Nanny Cam.”  Many of our Long Island customers […]