Remote Access Nanny Cam

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Remote Access Nanny Cam


If you are thinking about installing a remote access nanny cam system in your Long Island home, contact Computer Controlled Security for your installation needs! Knowing what is going on around the house can be very important not only to protect your young children, but also to protect and elderly family member left at home during the day. With a well implemented surveillance system it is possible to stay on top of your matters at home.

remote access nanny cam

Nanny cams are gaining a lot of popularity. They are wireless and can be hidden in almost any type of household item. People who choose to utilize a nanny cam do not consider it “spying.” It is simply a way to have peace of mind. With remote viewing access you are able to see what is happening from wherever you need to be.


All of our surveillance is chosen for flexible placement and ease of use. Our systems provide real-time surveillance of your Long Island home. In addition, our systems store the data files. We make it simple to retrieve and review your video surveillance files.