Don’t Panic, You’re Protected

long island security system installation

It is normal to get scared when an unexpected emergency arises at your home or business. Situations such as a break in, a fire, or medical emergency can be cause for alarm. The most important thing in such a case, is that you should remain calm. Remember that your security system can be equipped with […]

Do I Need An App For My Security Camera?

long island security system installation

Everywhere you look these days, there’s an app for that. You can find restaurants, play video games, meet the love of your life, all from your smartphone or tablet. One of the more recent additions to the app age is the advent of security camera monitoring apps. But why does your company need mobile monitoring? […]

Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Home Security While You Sleep

long island security system installation

Here at Computer Controlled Security, we take great pride in the ability to monitor your home’s security through a variety of alarm systems. One of the many devices that can be monitored through our alarm systems is one that has proven to save thousands of lives each year: Carbon Monoxide detectors. What is carbon monoxide? […]

Leaving Long Island for the Long Holiday Weekend?

Here’s your pre-vacation checklist from the team at CCS! You’re in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the Throgs Neck Bridge when your partner says, “Did we remember to…”. It’s one of the worst road trip questions to hear because your mind immediately begins to trace every step you made before leaving the house. The last thing you […]

Commercial Security Precautions – Long Island Robberies

Running a business includes numerous responsibilities. Keeping your business and your employees safe is a huge part of that. Long Island business owners should search for the best commercial security precautions, such as our commercial security systems. Specific security equipment such as CCTV systems not only prevents theft, but keeps employees safe and at ease […]

Commercial Security – Is Your Long Island Business Safe?

Commercial security alarms are the most efficient way to protect your Long Island business and staff from dangers of the workplace as well as theft. The industry for security systems and CCTV systems has been growing rapidly. Part of the reason for this is that new technology has redefined the meaning of commercial security. Monitored […]