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Why Use A Nanny Cam?


security camera systemsThe Nanny Cam is getting more and more popular as people are out of the home more for work and need their children to be supervised by other people. A nanny cam is a hidden surveillance camera that is secretly installed in a common object such as a clock or teddy bear. They are intended to monitor the daily actions of a caretaker and your children while you are away from the home. They are also sometimes used as a back up for existing security systems when no one is in the home. In addition to home viewing, businesses are adopting the technology of the nanny cam. They are using it to observe employees and catch burglars in the act.


A nanny cam can be wired or wireless. They can also be viewed on any device. This is known as remote viewing. They can record data so that it can be viewed later. They come in all shapes and sizes so that they can fit into your lifestyle without arousing suspicion.


nanny camIf you need to have a nanny cam installed in your Long Island home or business, Computer Controlled Security can help. We are locoed in Huntington Station, NY and are proud to serve all of Long Island with top notch security systems. We will cater to the specifications of your home, business and lifestyle.