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Types of Security CCTV Surveillance Cameras



One of the most ubiquitous methods for deterring crime, and for helping the authorities to investigate crimes after the fact is the close-circuit camera. Video technology has gotten tremendously cheaper in recent years, making them much easier for small business owners to install around the premises, and there’s no question as to the effectiveness of a high-definition digital video recording as use for evidence against people that attempt to shoplift. It’s important that people that are in need of video surveillance be aware of all of the options that are available to them with today’s CCTV technology.


Dome Cameras


Probably the most common type of security camera installation is the dome camera. It’s possible to find dozens of these in nearly all supermarkets and department stores, and the offer a lot of advantages. They’re usually installed into the ceiling, and give security personnel a good vantage point that helps to prevent blind spots between aisles of merchandise. The dome-shaped outer shell is durable, and is usually tinted on the exterior. This means that even if a potential shoplifter can see the dome camera, it’s difficult to tell exactly where the camera is pointed at that moment.


Outdoor Shielded Cameras


A surveillance system installation that’s intended for outdoor use will have slightly different considerations. Obviously, it will have to be encased in a shell that’s not only resistant to the weather, but can also stand up to potential vandalism attempts. Most of the time, these reinforcements will not interfere with the visibility of the lens. Barring that option, it’s recommended that the security cameras be placed in a position that’s elevated enough that they’re out of reach for any potential thieves that might have an interest in putting the camera out of commission. Today’s digital cameras that constantly record in high-definition make it possible to do this without sacrificing video quality that the police will need to rely on so heavily in the event of an investigation.


Low-light Cameras


Another type of cctv camera installation that’s intended primarily for outdoor use employs an infrared light array surrounding an infrared lens, effectively giving the camera night vision. Outdoor cameras need to be able to record events that happen around a business during both the day and night, so including this option in a surveillance package is an important consideration. This type of camera emits a flood of light that’s completely outside of the range of human vision, but that the camera’s sensor is able to detect just fine. A would-be thief might think that he’s in a completely dark environment, but the infrared camera will be able to see him as though it were broad daylight.


Article Source: Ronald Crater – www.ezinearticles.com


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