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Security With A CCTV System



CCTV cameras are a must-have for all residential and commercial buildings. CCTV stands for close circuit television. People should not confuse it with the regular television that is used for showing entertainment channels. CCTV is meant for the purpose of security surveillance. This means that, the security CCTV systems are mainly installed in those areas that have the threat of being breached by intruders. These may be the local banks, jewellery stores, usual departmental stores, hospitals, libraries, offices, schools, kindergartens, so on and so forth. This is meant for those places that are in need of constant observation and it may not be possible for a handful of people to maintain effective watch at the same time.


When security CCTV is installed, a number of cameras are placed in a number of different places within the building or, outside the requires to be kept in close watch. These security camera systems are linked to a main observation unit which is looked into by a certain person who is responsible for the same. Take for example, a hospital may have a number of rooms and areas that need to be kept under constant check. It is impossible for a small number of people to keep into account how many people walked I and how many walked out. It is also difficult to keep note of the activities that each and every one of them may be getting involved with.


However, it is known to all that none can possibly escape the eyes of the camera, and this is where the role of CCTV comes in.


CCTV cameras not only show the events as and when they are happening, they also keep a recording of the same. This means that if the person who is responsible for monitoring is not sitting personally before the main system, he / she can come back to view the recorded footing. This added advantage of the security CCTV systems has made it extremely popular among the people / institutions / organizations and units that are into using them. If one has to mention the short coming of CCTV as such, there are not many that one can come up with. the only restricting factor of CCTVs is that, it can be viewed only within the circuit. The areas that are not covered within the circuit cannot be under the purview of security provided by the same.


There was a time when security camera systems, including the CCTV was extremely expensive. Things however, have changed now. CCTVs are no longer the product of luxury that only the rich and the opulent could afford. Security cameras and CCTVS come in a variety of range and types. Each has its own cost. They can be cheap, medium and expensive depending upon their make and the facilities that they provide. Quality matters in everything, and security cameras are no different. Thus, while making a purchase, it is always better to spend some extra dollars and get the best system for your building.


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