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Mobile Control

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Mobile Control

When you are out and on the go you can turn your lights on or off, lock or unlock doors, set your thermostat, and even view video.

Now you can affordably look over your home and keep an eye on things wherever there is internet access.

Remotely control alarm, video, temperature, and more from your Android or iPhone!
Use it to:
You can tell your home surveillance security system to alert you whenever a specific event takes place - such as your children returning home from school - and automatically send you the video update.
  • Remote arm/disarm any panel brand with a key switch input
  • Control Climate & Lighting
  • See who's at your door, or moving around your yard.
  • Keep an eye on pets, nannies, babysitters or cleaning services.
  • Verify that liquor or gun cabinets are secure.
  • Check on the status of a second home or garage.
  • And much, much more.
Cause for alarm?
In addition to viewing live video from your home security cameras system, you can be notified when an alarm is triggered and determine whether it's truly an emergency or only a false alarm.
The security system integration can send you alerts whenever:
  • Doors or windows are opened or broken
  • Someone is moving around your home
  • Leaks or temperature changes
  • Works with all internet ready cellphones, not just high end PDAs, and with any computer operating system so you can upgrade without worries.
  • Passwords which only you control and know
  • No dedicated phone or computer line needed, no computer needed on premises.

Key Pad Options

Computer Controlled Security offers the latest and most advanced home security solutions in the industry. User-friendly keypads provide you with easy access to your home security management system.

Touchscreen keypads such as the Go!Control are all-in-one security and home management systems. These new touch screen key pads allows you to operate your system without the need for relying on a phone line.

  • Full Voice Response
  • Convenience
  • Remote Control Options
  • Multiple Arming Options
  • LCD Touch Screen
  • User-friendly
  • Home Automation
  • Quick Access
  • Date/Time/Weather Display

Click to demo the
2GIG Touchscreen
Keypad by Linear.

Key Pad Demo

Surveillance: Cameras & CCTV

You can't be everywhere at once, but with Computer Controlled Security's video surveillance / CCTV systems you can.
A video camera system can be your eyes when you're out.

A strategically designed network of cameras can monitor and record activity at all points of entry, hallways, driveways, walkways, just about anyplace or anything you need to see when you're not able to be there. CCS, inc. specially trained security consultants will design and locate video surveillance cameras to economically maximize coverage.

  • Easy to Use
  • Flexible Placement
  • Minimal Aesthetic Impact
  • Retrieve & Review Video Feed
  • Record Files on Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
  • Permanently Store on CD or Memory Stick