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Nanny Cams

Protect Your Loved Ones!

Hidden cameras or nanny cameras can resemble everyday appliances or devices in your house. The most popular hidden color cameras resemble a motion detector or a smoke detector. Using common devices is your best defense against abuses or mishaps.

Hidden Nanny Cam Installation

Hidden Nanny Cams

These are just an example of hidden nanny cameras that we custom install in your home so you can keep watch over your loved ones while you are away. The nanny cameras can be accessed through a recording device or through the Internet from any location. Feel the peace of mind of being a click away from your children, elderly, or mentally/physically disabled family members.
Having a camera alone does not ensure maximum security.

The camera is only as good as what it can see. Our specialist will determine the correct number of cameras and their positions based on some of the following factors:

  • Common areas where abuse may occur
  • Size of the area in need of surveillance
  • Lighting conditions and time of day
  • Known events of reported abuse
  • Behavior of the subject being observed