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Introduction To Home Security Systems



It is wise to know how this security systems work before spending a fortune on them. The security systems can be classified into basic wired and wireless ones. Wired ones are more traditional sets while wireless ones are light and easily portable.


What’s in a Home Security Package?


Burglar alarms, fire alarms and surveillance cameras are the most common home security devices. The devices in the home security systems package will be connected through a central control panel. It will work based on the telephone line and contact the cops if the alarm is triggered.


Motion detectors will be fit in various parts of the house. Security cameras will also be put in appropriate places. Siren unit will be placed in one place and the digital keypad will be placed near the entrance. All the door and windows will have magnetic sensors.


Usage of Various Equipments


The owner can switch on the security system by entering a password in the keypad and pressing the button to turn the alarm systems on. After entering the password, the user can retire to his room and switch the alarm on and off through a small key chain remote too.


The sensors in the windows and doors are connected to main power supply and siren unit. The alarms use electric circuits. Closed circuit sensors get continuous electrical supply from the time they are switched on. If someone attempts to open or break the doors or windows, their electrical supply is stopped and the alarm starts to beep in high decibel.


Open circuit systems start to get electrical supply if the windows and doors are disturbed and the alarm triggers off using the electrical energy. If the thief succeed in entering the house thorough some other means, motion detectors placed in various parts of the room trigger the alarm.


How Do Motion Detectors Work?


Motion detectors detect the movement of the intruder through temperature and weight. Usually they use Passive Infra Red waves to detect the intruder. Advanced alarms, neglect the wandering of pets and small children.


First the thief is tracked through infrared rays. Then his image is captured in the surveillance camera while the alarm rings and the local police are called. All these happen within seconds leaving the thief confused and desperate to escape. Some home security systems switch on all the lights and electrify the fence in case of intruder detection.


Advantages of Wireless Home Security System


Wired home security systems work using the telephone line. So if the telephone line is cut off, their main control panel will not work. Wireless systems do not have this problem. They can just be connected to power. If they have proper battery backup they will work even during power outages.




Most home security systems work based on electrical circuits. Modern digital home security systems are very efficient in tracking intrusion. Be sure to always check how a chosen system works before purchasing it.


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