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Today many more people are opting to protect their property with their own surveillance systems. Modern day technology has advanced so much that many products that were only available for business are now in the mainstream DIY and security stores. One of the major drawbacks of the original camera systems were the amount of wiring that needed to be installed to operate and run an effective setup. Not only would you need a professional to come in and install the system often there would be the need to drill through the walls just to run cabling. This should now be a thing of the past and anyone considering an upgrade or indeed a new installation of cameras should look to install wireless camera systems for security.


When choosing the system think about the environment that it will be installed within, your home for example would look better without wiring all over it and if you are installing within a pre built or your existing home casing the wire could be a huge problem. New build houses would often have a wired solution already built in and then the wiring would be installed within the cavity walling. The wireless systems are just as good as the original ones and offer as much functionality and installation is very simple. For a basic system the components that you would need include a wireless receiver for transmitting the signals, a number of cameras (depending on how many you need), wireless antennas and power cabling. The list above gives you the basics to setup your own system, it is possible to buy kits with all the essentials in them and they retail at reasonable prices.


Installing the system works in the same way as a wired solution, you need to carefully consider where you want the cameras. Think about what you are protecting, how you can get the best coverage out of a minimum number of cameras and which areas of the house would benefit most from a surveillance system. Once this has been decided then the cameras will usually be mounted on the wall in the corners pointing towards the area that you are looking to protect. If you have purchased a good quality system then it is likely that the cameras will have built in motion detection to automatically capture any movement when they are primed. Not only this but it is also possible to get pan and tilt systems, these will move and record an area of space rather than just one position. Wireless networks are now very common In the home computer sector and likewise wireless camera systems are becoming ever more popular. Setting up the systems correctly is vital to ensure that you get the best out of the system and to prevent any data loss, usually the monitoring system will have to either be bought independently of the cameras or linked up to an existing television. Depending on what budget you have available may restrict the quality and the features that are available within the chosen security system.


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