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Commercial Security

Mobile Control

Keypad Options


Mobile Control

Web and mobile device interfaces allow you to remotely access and control your business security system as well as receive event notifications.

You enjoy the convenience of monitoring your business remotely from your mobile device or computer with peace of mind always at your fingertips.

Access your commercial security system whether you are at home, work, or travelling the world.
Use Remote Access To:

  • Arm/disarm your commercial security alarm no matter where you are
  • Stay up to date with text or email message alerts of alarms and other events
  • Optional video surveillance system addition iwth remote viewing
  • Check in to see when employees or vendors arrive or leave
  • Remotely control locks, thermostats, and lights
  • And much, much more.

Key Pad Options

Computer Controlled Security offers the latest and most advanced home security solutions in the industry. User-friendly keypads provide you with easy access to your home security management system.

Commercial Surveillance: Cameras & CCTV

Theft can occur anywhere, especially the workplace. Computer Controlled Security protects thousands of businesses, from small businesses to large corporations.

Keep your employees and customers safe with reliable, high-performance CCTV security solutions.

Use Your Commercial CCTV System to:
  • Check in on staff or vendors
  • Review past activity
  • View live video
  • View your business after notification of alarm events

Who Can Benefit From Security Cameras?

Retail Shops

Theft is bad for business! High quality video surveillance for your business will:

  • Deter people from stealing
  • Record any theft/suspicious activity
  • Show police or insurance company a specific event
  • Control inventory shrinkage
Medical Facilities

Security for medical facilities tend to be difficult, but with CCS we can:

  • Use IP technology to link digital cameras together
  • Prevent crime and theft
  • Keep an eye on every corner of your hospital or facility
  • Ensure the safety of your patients and staff

Warehouses are large structures with many security risks. A CCTV System will:

  • Deter intruders and vandalism
  • Limit false insurance claims
  • Alert you of suspicious activity in and around your warehouse
  • Assist in police investigations
  • Help to identify intruders

Schools are not as safe as they used to be. An integrated CCTV system can:

  • Monitor illegal activity such as buying and selling drugs
  • Record activity such as violence and bullying
  • Assist authorities in conducting investigations
  • Help provide a safe environment for teachers and students