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Commercial Security: Is It Necessary?



When was the last time you went to a fast food restaurant and noticed signs on the door stating “This area is under live surveillance”? Maybe it’s something you’ve never noticed or it’s something you notice all the time. Regardless, live surveillance has become more and more necessary throughout the years, as evidenced by an increase in robberies and vandalism over recent years.


In 1998, approximately 520 restaurants in Los Angeles alone were robbed. According to statistics compiled by the FBI in the 90s, restaurants are robbed nearly twice as often as minimarts. Statistics don’t lie. The restaurant industry, especially of the fast food variety where getaways are quick and cash registers are accessible, are hit hard with robberies. They’re always looking for the latest and most innovative live surveillance and security measures, because prevention is key.


Do you ever wonder who is behind the cameras and if they’re really watching what you’re doing while you’re doing it? It’s normal to wonder, and the answer is yes, they’re watching you. Some companies even employ members of the police force and previous employees of the FBI to watch your every move and help cut down on crime. These companies have strong ties with the local police forces, and can have police officers at your location within minutes.


Commercial real estate security has always been as important as home security, but recently, commercial real estate security has become more and more necessary, and for a variety of reasons. The popularity of copper theft is growing; in June 2011, Atlanta police reported 150 incidents of copper theft and Georgia isn’t the only place where the occurrence of copper theft is increasing.[2332] Every state in the United States has instances of copper theft, and copper theft prevention through the use of commercial real estate security and live surveillance is a necessary precaution to take.


So, if you’ve recently been the victim of a robbery or vandalism, live surveillance may be the best option for you. If you can’t have your own eyes on your business at all times, you can put your trust in professionals nationwide. Even if copper theft prevention isn’t an issue for you, commercial real estate security can do more for you than simply copper theft prevention. They can offer solid and secure live surveillance of your commercial real estate, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Don’t wait until it’s too late.


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