Alarm Systems: Protect Your Homes Weaknesses From Burglars

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Alarm Systems: Protect Your Homes Weaknesses From Burglars


alarm sysemsBurglars will target certain homes and will do so for specific reasons. Most burglars are not opportunistic, in that they will take time to figure out where, when, and how they will target a home. Having alarm systems in place for your specific needs in Long Island home is your best defense. When you utilize Computer Controlled Security to protect your home and family, we can help you to identify the weaknesses in your homes security.


Obviously the most common place to enter a home is through the front door. Burglars can pick locks or break glass to unlock the door. It is important if you have glass in your front door to have a glass break sensor or a motion sensor to prevent this type of entry.


We know it, you know it, and burglars do too: you sometimes forget your key so you need one “hidden” on your property. Most hiding places are obvious and easy to get to. Burglars are proficient at figuring this all out. With key in hand, they are free to enter. However, when your security system is in place with or without a key they will not know how to disarm your alarm systems.


With the warm weather during the day and cool nights, people are more and more sleeping with their windows open. Sometimes, we even leave our homes forgetting that we have left the windows open. Seeing even a bit of the window open is enough to attract a robbery. It is important to have sensors on your windows so that when you arm your security system, your system will alert you that a window is open.


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